Adding RV Solar Is Now An Easier Decision

Many RV travelers have not yet upgraded their RV with the addition of Solar power, mostly because it has been a very expensive undertaking. That has changed some in the last couple years with the advancement of the Solar technologies the costs have become a lot more affordable.

When our customers talk with us about their thoughts on upgrading their RV with a Solar installation, they always bring up the cost, and especially if they own an older RV. As the cost of the Solar equipment has become more reasonable, installing an RV Solar system now makes sense for a lot more RV travelers.

The two most important parts of the decision about adding Solar to your RV are:

How You Use Your RV:

How often do you use your RVDo you travel locally or do you take longer road tripsWhen you are traveling in your RV do you prefer to camp in areas or campgrounds that do not have electric hookups or is it your preference to be in an RV park that provides electrical hookups

How Long Do You Plan to Own Your RV:

How long have you owned your current RVAre you happy with how your RV fits your travel livingHave you been considering getting a different RV

Why do we ask these questions? Because if your travel is primarily to RV parks that provide electric hookups you have no real need for Solar. And if you will be selling your current RV any time in the next year or so it is not an investment you will be likely to get back when you sell or trade it in.

If you do like to visit areas that do not have electric hookups and you do plan to keep your current RV for a couple years or more and you use it about 10 - 12 times a year, then upgrading to an RV Solar system is a good choice for you.

And we often hear from our customers that their concerns about upgrading to RV Solar are easily addressed. If you have been considering adding RV Solar to your RV give us a call and set an appointment to bring in your RV and let's take a look and give you an estimate to answer the most frequent question we hear: How much will it cost? Call us today at 855-388-8616.